Hello Friends of Educational Excellence!

Friends of Educational Excellence has been busy this year - even over the summer.

In the spring, Friends of Educational Excellence schools had almost 300 volunteers providing over 1,000 hours of support for Rochester students:

In April, at the Friends of Educational Excellence Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors recognized the outstanding personal commitment, dedication, and support of the following individuals who are managing their school partnership:

Community - School Partnership Appreciation Awards

    School 7 – Principal:  David Lincoln
    Teacher:  Beth Cross
    First Universalist Church:  Sarah Singal

    School 12 – Principal:  Michele Liguori-Alampi
    PTA:  Vicki Robertson, Ruth Inzinna
    Highland Park Neighborhood Association:  Ruth Danis

    School 20 – Principal:  D’Onnarae (Dee) Johnson
    Assistant Principal:  Carla Roberts 
    Mt Olivet Baptist Church:  Paula Hansen, Val Medley

    School 22 – Principal:  Clinton Bell
    Teacher:  Kim Mendelson
    First Unitarian Church:  Ann Bayley, Stuart Burke

    School 34 – Principal:  Tracy DelGrego
    Teacher:  Cindi Shear
    St. Catherine of Siena Church:  Terry Riordan
    Grace Urban Ministries:  Jim Ryan

    School 50 – Principal:  Tim Mains
    Teacher:  Janet Bird
    St. Joseph’s Church:  Patty Vermilion, Robin Valoris

    School 52 – Principal:  Denise Rainey
    Teachers:  Tanya Homer, Rose Vercolen
    Temple B’rith Kodesh:  Don Ginsberg, Bruce Pollock, Michael Slade

In May, the Rochester Police Department (RPD) agreed to participate in the Friends of Educational Excellence program with 15 police officers signing up to help students read.

In July, the Rochester City School District renewed its agreement with Friends of Educational Excellence to support the following eight community – school partnerships in the 2011 – 2012 school year:

  • School 7   – First Universalist Church
  • School 10 – Community Christian Church
  • School 12 – Highland Park Neighborhood Association
  • School 20 – Mt Olivet Baptist Church
  • School 22 – First Unitarian Church
  • School 34 – Grace Urban Ministries & St. Catherine’s Church
  • School 50 – St. Joseph’s Church
  • School 52 – Temple B’rith Kodesh 

In August, the 2011 New York State English Language Arts (ELA) and Math test results were released.  The Friends of Educational Excellence schools held approximately the same ranking and student performance levels as in the previous year.  Five of the seven FREE schools are above the RCSD ELA average performance (27% of Rochester elementary students in Grades 3 to 6 are proficient in English Language Arts (Level 3&4):


Four of the seven FREE schools are above the RCSD math average performance (32% of Rochester elementary students in Grades 3 to 6 are proficient in math (Level 3&4)):


Obviously, there's still a long way to go to get to acceptable academic performance, so we’re working hard to get ready for the 2011 fall semester that’s right around the corner.  Recruitment has already begun in area colleges to place college students who need fieldwork hours in the FREE schools.  For example, there will be 37 SUNY Brockport college students who will do their Education degree fieldwork assignments (5 hours per week) in Friends of Educational Excellence schools.  College students from SUNY Geneseo, MCC, Nazareth College, and St. John Fisher College will also be in Friends of Educational Excellence schools.

Each of the Friends of Educational Excellence schools is gearing up for an even more eventful, productive, and effective academic year helping Rochester city students succeed in school.  Every student will WAVE for Success (see our article in the D&C online):


Enjoy the rest of your summer! 

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And thanks again for your support, 

Bruce Pollock
Executive Director
Friends of Educational Excellence