Become a Volunteer to help a Child Succeed in School

Friends of Educational Excellence (FREE) Partnerships support community partnerships in Rochester public schools to help students succeed in school.  By supporting community organizations partnering with schools, Friends of Educational Excellence helps to build a stronger Rochester, NY community.

Friends of Educational Excellence:

  • Helps students succeed in school
  • Builds a stronger Rochester community

Friends of Educational Excellence is a collaboration of community organizations that partner with schools to provide in-school volunteers who assist students to succeed in school.  Friends of Educational Excellence provides services to these community organizations so they are more effective and helps to create new community partnerships with schools that have unmet needs.

Friends of Educational Excellence is an official Rochester City School District community partner with a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the District to provide support for city schools.

You can make a difference in a young student’s life by becoming a volunteer.  If you have one hour per week to help a kid improve their reading or math skills, press the button below: